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I join Argos 42

adhésion asso
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Adhérez à notre cause en devenant membre de la famille ARGOS 42 !

Membership, set at €10, can be done online via the link provided below or by post

As a member, you will actively support our awareness campaigns, participate in exclusive events, and become a driver of change for peaceful coexistence between humans and animals.

Together, we form a determined force for animal protection. Each member is a voice that counts in our common quest for a better world for all living beings.

Join us on this adventure. By becoming a member, you become an integral part of an engaged community. Your support, whether financial or moral, strengthens our ability to make a concrete difference.

ARGOS 42 goes beyond association; it’s a community of passionate people committed to creating meaningful impact. Your commitment helps guide our future toward a reality where compassion for animals guides every action.

As a member of the association you benefit from advantages: reduction, voucher from our partners in your members area of the website!

Join us in this common quest. Together, let's create a world where every animal has a life worth living.

Your support is our strength. Together, let's change the world.

To join by post you can complete the membership form HERE and return it accompanied by a check for a minimum amount of €10 to the address:

ARGOS 42, 109 Chemin de Jangelaude 42800 GENILAC

Devenir adhèrent de la cause animale  


Devenir adhèrent de la cause animale



Vous partagez notre passion pour la protection des animaux et souhaitez être un acteur actif du changement ? Alors, devenez membre d'ARGOS 42 aujourd'hui et participez activement à notre mission de se

Valid for one year

Adhésion 2024

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