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Our Fundamental Missions

Découvrez notre Association de Protection Animale 

Raising public awareness is at the heart of our mission, because we firmly believe that education is the key to improving the lives of animals and promoting harmonious cohabitation between humans and animals.

We also support partner shelters through concrete initiatives, such as the ARGOS 42 project, because we know that local actions can bring about big changes. Join us to make a difference and offer a better future for animals!

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For a Conscious Animal Protection Policy

At Argos 42, we are engaged in politics to defend animal rights and welfare. We work closely with decision-makers, legislators and local authorities to promote public policies favorable to animal protection. Our goal is to influence legislation and raise government awareness of crucial issues such as animal cruelty.

To ensure a future of hand-in-hand collaboration, we adopt a rigorous apolitical stance. This means that we are not affiliated with any political party. We support political figures and parties who have truly acted for the animal cause

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« Une association menée par un président extraordinaire qui est l'avenir pour nous toutes et tous qui menons ce si noble combat pour la protection animale et la défense de leur droits. Un immense Bravo et un très bel avenir à cette formidable association !!!!🙏🙏🙏✊✊✊🙏🙏🙏 »


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